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Alpaca Bean Tea Fertilizer Starter Kit

Alpaca Bean Tea Fertilizer Starter Kit

The Starter Kit comes with a one gallon glass container, strainer, information, instructions and a bag of our alpaca bean tea (makes 7 gallons of fertilizer)


Why use  Alpaca Poo as Fertilizer:

-Alpaca poop is one of the only manures that can be 
   applied directly to plants and won’t burn your plants.
-Unlike other types of manure, it doesn’t need to be 
   composted before being used.
-Alpaca manure has fewer weed seeds.
-While alpaca manure is almost odorless to humans, 
   fertilizing your plants with alpaca poop deter deer 
   from going onto your property.
-Alpaca manure’s nutrient profile is comparable to 
   other livestock.
-Alpaca poop is high in nitrogen, essential for plant 
-It improves the water-holding capacity and helps 
   retain moisture in your garden soil.
-It is a great way to enhance organic matter in your soil.
-Safe for veggie and fruit plants, because alpacas are 
   not known to carry E-Coli 157.


Ingredient        Alpaca    Cow        Horse      Sheep
Calcium        0.91        .065        1.19        1.31
Magnesium    0.45        0.14        0.65        0.19
Nitrogen (N)    1.49        1.09        1.54        1.27
Organic Matter    70.8        83.9        81.7        76.9
Phosphorus (P)    0.23        0.09        0.63        0.16
Potassium (K)    1.06        0.42        0.92        0.37
Sodium        0.12        0.03        0.11        0.07

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